Meet The Designer

I am Amber-Jane and I am the owner and designer at Quinlan Couture Bridal.

As a restless child filled with energy, I never found much interest in my mother's sewing capabilities.  Little did i know that her patient tuition of the craft over 15 years ago would allow me to blossom and own my own creative, passionate business.

In 2016, the idea to turn my inherited tailoring prowess into a business first grew when I was pregnant with my first son, Oliver.  He lit a fire inside of me (literally and figurativley) and ignited my drive to become my own boss!

I began with wedding veils and accessories; adding those finishing touches to a bridal outfit to make the sparkle.  My vision then grew to include couture wedding and bridesmaid dresses.

From that excitable young sewer, Quinlan Couture Bridal has now grown into a thriving business.  I am working on my first collection, taking custom designed bridal wear orders and even opening my first shop!  

Fashion Illustrator

Now you know my story, tell me about your "Once Upon a Time" tale!

Bottom of a Dress

The Boutique Store

Opening my own store has always been a dream of mine.  2021 is going to be a special years that finally makes that happen!  Our opening celebrations have had to be delayed slightly due to COVID-19 but I am not deterred and can't wait to enjoy having my own premises and bridal wear collection.

During 2020, my clients' comfort and safety are my top priority throughout the design and construction process.  Our consultations will be taking place either online or in-person in the comfort of your own home or in my home studio.  Our PPE policy is designed to protect everyone but we are happy to make further modifications to suit you if required.

Unfortunately, if you have access requirements then I would suggest having our consultation either online or at your home as my home studio is not accessible due to several outside steps.

Until my boutique store has officially been unveiled, I am running fabulous discounts and offers.  Pop an email across on and I'll tell you all about them.